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By Fiona Vernon

When a business is established, it is done so with the idea of supplying a product or service that makes individuals’ lives better. End users are not the only ones who benefit, but other businesses rely on specialty businesses to help them make their customers’ happy. Anyone from Ocean City, Maryland, to Beaufort, North Carolina, can rely on American Turbocharger Technologies, a division of A. Stucki Company, for a diverse range of affordable exclusive products and solutions. This AAR M-1003 Certified company provides fast and professional services for operators of 901 to 5,000 horsepower marine, locomotive, and stationary diesel engines. They saw the need for regional and short-line railroads to have direct contact with their vendors, so they offered rapid, superior turbocharger repair and remanufacturing, as well as 24/7 turbocharger services. They also boast a full-line capability for all parts and components — including new, UTEX, OEM, remanufactured, and aftermarket turbocharger parts, like lube oil pumps and raw water pumps and drives. Marine and railroad fleet operators from Newport News, Virginia, to Richmond, Virginia, can rely on American Turbocharger Technologies to keep them running.

American Turbocharger Technologies manufactures aftermarket turbochargers and spare parts for Class I and shortline railroad operators, leasing companies, and large marine fleet operators. They are easily accessible, since they are based in Newport News, the center of the world’s largest naval port. This AAR M-1003 Certified company was established in 2005 and offers a combined 200 years’ experience in the turbocharger and the diesel engine industry, recognizing that every single employee is responsible for the quality of every detail of their products and services. They specialize in ALCO, Elliott, EMD, and GE diesel engine turbochargers and technical support for ALCO model diesel engines. Whether someone in Richmond calls needing a 126x1953R GE or another in Ocean City needs an EMD 710 worked on, American Turbocharger Technologiesgoal is to reduce down time through their quick turnarounds and 24/7 emergency turbocharger service, remanufacturing, manufacturing, repair, and parts.

One of the most effective developments that has led to improved marine efficiency is the ship turbocharger, since a modern engine without a functioning ship turbocharger would only operate at 25 to 30% of its potential. A turbocharger forces compressed air into a combustion chamber of an engine to increase its efficiency and power. This intensity of this energy and force requires an intricate system of parts that must all work together for optimal performance. American Turbocharger Technologies supplies an impressive selection of OEM, remanufactured, UTEX, and OEM turbocharger parts — such as lube oil pumps, jacket and raw water pumps and drives, fuel pumps, nozzle assemblies, pistons, and more — for the ALCO 251 Series for anyone in and around Beaufort.

Whether a marine fleet manager in Beaufort, North Carolina, is having issues with their ALCO 720 and needs 24/7 emergency turbocharger service or a locomotive fleet manager in Richmond, Virginia, is looking for an AAR M-1003 Certified company, American Turbocharger Technologies, a subsidiary of A. Stucki Company, excels in turbocharger manufacturing, remanufacturing, repair, and parts. They supply a vast array of new, remanufactured, aftermarket, and OEM turbocharger parts that include raw water drives and pumps, lube oil pumps, and everything else necessary to maintain perfect performance. Marine and rail businesses from Ocean City, Maryland, to Newport News, Virginia, can rely on American Turbocharger Technologies to help them face even their biggest challenges.

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