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By Fiona Vernon

The railroad and marine industries work closely together to deliver goods throughout the world. Both forms of transportation rely heavily on a combination of parts to keep them in business, and turbochargers are an essential component of any diesel engine requiring extra power. Turbochargers in the marine industry play a critical role in an engine’s performance, reusing exhaust gases to increase the overall effectiveness of the engine. Industries from Jacksonville, Florida, to Charleston, South Carolina, can rely on American Turbocharger Technologies for turbocharger routine maintenance, repair, remanufacturing, and even 24-hour emergency services. They provide fast and professional diesel engine repair for operators of 901 to 5,000 horsepower marine, locomotive, and stationary diesel engines. The two parts that require equal attention during routine maintenance are the blower and turbine sides, and not only does this AAR M-1003 Certified company excel at Caterpillar and GE diesel engine turbocharger work, but they also supply remanufactured, aftermarket, UTEX, and OEM turbocharger spare parts. Everyone from New Orleans, Louisiana, to New York, New York, can rely on the 200 years combined experience from American Turbocharger Technologies.

One of the most cost-effective ways to transfer raw materials and goods in large quantities is with maritime transportation. With fluctuating fuel prices and increasingly astringent environmental regulations, fleet operators face the constant battle of meeting industry standards while operating at low costs. Turbochargers in the marine industry ensure that this is a possibility, and American Turbocharger Technologies keeps downtime to a minimum for their clients from Charleston to New Orleans with their 24-hour emergency turbocharger and diesel engine repair services. Shipping operators know their vessels, so when there is a change in vibration or sound, they can rely on this AAR M-1003 certified company for their thorough diesel engine turbocharger work on brands that include EMD, ALCO, GE, ABB, and Caterpillar.

As with any technology, maritime transportation is constantly growing and developing new ways to improve engine performance and efficiency. The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) estimates that 90% of today’s products travel by sea. The size of cargo ships has increased unimaginably over the past 60 years, meaning any ship without turbochargers simply won’t be able to handle the ever-increasing capacities. The turbocharger turbine and blower sides must be regularly cleaned to remove exhaust deposits, and American Turbocharger Technologies offers turbocharger routine maintenance for customers from New York to Jacksonville so that basic steps are not missed, such as casing and blade tip clearance, filter, and differential air pressure checks. Not only do they pride themselves on innovative solutions on turbocharger remanufacturing and repair, but they also offer a diverse range of aftermarket, remanufactured, UTEX, and OEM parts.

American Turbocharger Technologies boasts over 200 years of combined experience for turbochargers in the railroad and marine industry to companies from New York, New York, to Charleston, South Carolina. They are easily accessible and well-equipped to take care of even the most difficult challenges regarding turbocharger repair and remanufacturing. Their professional turbocharger and diesel engine routine maintenance will ensure ships and locomotives remain operating efficiently with services like blower and turbine side cleaning. Not only does this AAR M-1003 Certified company excel at GE, ALCO, ABB, and Caterpillar diesel engine turbocharger work, but they also carry a wide selection of UTEX, OEM, aftermarket, and remanufactured turbocharger parts. Whether someone in New Orleans, Louisiana, needs 24-hour emergency turbocharger services or another in Jacksonville, Florida, requires diesel engine repair, American Turbocharger Technologies delivers a diverse range of exclusive products and solutions with integrity and precision at affordable prices.

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