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By Fiona Vernon

A plethora of transportation inventions have allowed people to develop industries as their product spread to a larger consumer base — from the first steam locomotive in the 1700s to the engines being more affordable for the general population in 1908 with the Ford Model-T. It could take weeks to get to new areas, so making modes of transportation faster and more efficiently was the goal. The invention of the turbocharger fit that bill. Railroads are used for a variety of applications that include freight and passengers for both long and short hauls. With rails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Chicago, Illinois, being relied upon to keep the economy running, companies, American Turbocharger Technologies offers a combined 200 years’ experience in the diesel engine repair and turbocharger industries. This AAR M-1003 certified company not only offers 24/7 emergency turbocharger repair services and remanufacturing, but they also provide an impressive array of remanufacturedaftermarketUTEX, and OEM turbocharger parts. Whether someone in Charlotte, North Carolina, needs ALCO or EMD diesel engine turbocharger work performed or a business in Tampa, Florida, needs diesel engine connecting rodscylinder heads, or pistonsAmerican Turbocharger Technologies provides fast and professional services.

Technology has allowed transportation to progress dramatically, making the modern world a smaller place. Approximately 99% of the world’s goods are transported by sea. Ships transport goods between countries, and railroads from Tampa to Philadelphia ensure that they are delivered efficiently. American Turbocharger Technologies serves the marine industry with turbocharger repair when a ship needs to power through tumultuous waves or a locomotive needs diesel engine repair to power over landscapes of long distances. They provide a range of products and services to keep the world economy operating. The Association of American Railroads (AAR) Quality Assurance Certification is industry specific based on specification M-1003 with standards that include management responsibility, production, inspection, test planning, and document control. It is intended for contractors of the Railroad Industry and is issued annually only after an audit on all activities — including manufacturing, procurement, identification of materials, stocking of materials, packaging, and inventory. American Turbocharger Technologies is an AAR M-1003 certified company that realizes quality is the responsibility of every employee, and they make sure that each aspect of their business surpasses the highest of standards.

American Turbocharger Technologies specializes in turbocharger repairremanufacturing, and partsfor operators of 500 to 5,000 horsepower marine, locomotive, and stationary diesel engines. Everyone from Charlotte to Chicago can rely on them for ALCO, Elliott, EMD, and GE diesel engine turbocharger work, and technical support for all ALCO model diesel engines. They understand the need to reduce downtime through quick turnarounds, so they help locomotives and ships get back to their tasks rapidly with 24/7 emergency turbocharger services.  They also boast full-line capability for all parts and components, from new and remanufactured to UTEXOEM, and aftermarket parts. They provide spare parts for the ALCO 251 Series, which is used as a pair to power the six million-pound NASA Crawler to transport rockets to the launch platform from the assembly building. Parts include diesel engine connecting rods, cylinder heads, pistons, lube oil pumps, fuel pumps, fuel nozzle assemblies, and so much more… all built to OEM specifications. American Turbocharger Technologies offers innovative solutions on the following models, with a quality guarantee on all items:

  • EMD: 567, 645, 710
  • ALCO: 131, 165, 320, 520, 720
  • GE: All Models
  • ABB: VTC 254 (Caterpillar 3600)

A combination of a high-capacity turbocharger, efficient combustion system, and electronic fuel injection creates the perfect device that can run for millions of cost-effective kilometers from Tampa, Florida, to Charlotte, North Carolina. Deterioration occurs naturally even in well-maintained components, and American Turbocharger Technologies is a well renowned name in the marine and railroad industries when ALCOEMD, GM, and ABB diesel engine turbochargers need remanufacturing and repair work, as well as spare parts. This AAR M-1003 certified company offers an impressive variety of UTEXOEM, new, and aftermarket turbocharger parts — including connecting rodspistons, and cylinder heads. Everyone from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Chicago, Illinois, looking for 24/7 emergency turbocharger services and diesel engine repair will appreciate the integrity delivered by American Turbocharger Technologies.

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